Blockchain based security and resource management models for SDN

  • Karan Shingare, Mr.P.S.Hanwate


 Security, at present, is one of the major concerns in Software Defined Networks (SDN). Resources sharing in SDN can be made more secure against non-trusting members in SDN by the implementation of blockchain technology. It forces the members to trust and creates a secure private network which then increases the reliability of the system. This paper focuses on preventing the system from being tampered with the integrity of the system, which triggers a variety of attacks, by implementing blockchain technology, which provides its immutable performance to the system and a decentralized resource providence and authentication system to the members of the SDN system. The resource management model provides a distributed authentication mechanism that alleviates the problem of being vulnerable at a single point when using the traditional SDN way of getting authenticated through a single point. Also, each node in the SDN system acts as a blockchain node and the list of nodes or devices in the SDN system is distributed among the devices which then can help authenticate any new connection, detecting the malicious user in the system and helps increase the system scale while maintaining the records of authentications of services as a transaction log.