Agriculture Using Mqtt Protocol

  • Atharva Shewale, Dr. Shwetambari Chiwhane



Increase in technology the environment of agriculture is also increasing. The level of production is ongoing fast. There are various factors that affect agriculture growth. The climate change, humidity, soil, change in temperature and more frequent extreme events decreases the production or damages agriculture. Multiple challenges have to be faced in coming years.  

Farmers are nowadays working and creating advancement technology named as “Smart Farm”. Various Technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big data IOT (Internet of Things) and ML (Machine Learning), Cloud Computing and many others are involved in various sectors.

It is proven that Internet of Things (IOT) helps to grow the value of many areas of farming in various sectors such as from growing crops to forestry. The factors which is most important are

  • Sensing Soil Moisture
  • Water usage controlling
  • Whether Reporting
  • Temperature sensing

These factors include in IOT which is needful and precise information for growing crops, make ease in agriculture. The aim of this project is to introduce new factor for agriculture