Anti-Theft Car Security System

  • Kiran Panchal, Nilam Kadale


Recently, in the last few years, it has been noticed that the theft of cars and the use of stolen cars in suspicious acts by robbers has been increased. So, systems plan is to reduce the ever-committed crime of stealing cars.  Requirements are Fingerprint sensor ,8051 Microcontroller, Buzzer, Keyboard, LCD display, Capacitors, Resistors, Transistors. These will thus help us in creating a steal proof vehicle with the help of card key systems and authentication systems.  When the car owner comes near the car with the card key, it will sense owner's presence within 10 feet of car sensor and that will be the first step of authenticity. The second step will be the card key system being activated by sensing the card by the sensors on the door of the car. It will thus help in showing the car that the car is being opened and the car will make a beeping sound. The third and final step will be the fingerprint authentication which will confirm that the person driving the car is the owner himself.