Design And Optimization Of 10tph Boiler Chimney To Reduce Fouling And Enhance Boiler Efficiency

  • Nikhil Mahamuni, Rohit Budgude, Omkar Abnave, Sunil Kaldate, Bharat Patil


The heat lost in boilers is through many ways such as discharge of hot combustion gases to the atmosphere through chimneys, discharge of hot waste water, and heat transfer from hot surfaces. This energy loss can be recovered through heat exchangers and be put to other use such as preheating other industrial fluids such as water or air. This  project  focuses  on  recovering  heat  that  is  lost  through  boiler  chimney  flue  gas.  The major advantages of heat recovery include increasing the energy efficiency of the boiler& decreasing thermal and air pollution dramatically. In this project scope, an initial design of chimney for heat recovery in heat exchanger is provided. The design had a completely fabricated heat exchange core, furnace system but an incomplete ducting system. This report is based on the work undertaken to redesign the flue gas duct in chimney to have effective heat recovery from flue gases in heat exchanger system. This system was specifically designed for boiler chimney and therefore the systems ducting was designed to confirm to the general boiler stack. In the completion of the design, the major factor to consider was to redesign duct to reduce the fouling in heat exchanger system.