A design of Multipurpose Feeding System Used in Agriculture

  • Z.K. Shaikh, Dr. R.J. Patil, Dr. R.S. Pawar, P.S. Bhokare


In modern world, there is increase in demand of more agricultural equipment and machineries, to save time. At the same time there are some restrictions to availability of space and storage facility. The main objective of designing the multipurpose feeding system is to achieve flexibility, ease of handling and compatibility. This multipurpose feeding system will meet all these requirements and achieves flexibility. It mainly includes chaffing, cutting, mixing and final feeding. It can be adjusted according to various needs without carrying separate equipment’s of cutting, mixing and feeding. All three features are provided within single setup. There are three basic key elements of system which are mainly cutter, auger and conveyor that are used for cutting, mixing and feeding purpose respectively. End result is to save time, avoid handling of extra machineries and optimum milk yield.