Human Security System with Voice Recognition and Autodialing

  • Neha S. Shahare, Mamta Rani, Nupoor Korde


Today in the current global scenario, women are facing many problems like women harassment and many old people suffer with alzheimer’s disease. For these problems, we propose to have a device which is the integration of multiple devices, hardware that endlessly communicates with sensible phone that has access to the web. This paper covers descriptive details about the design and implementation that we have used in our model. In this project, when a woman senses danger she has to just give a voice command to the VRBot or press the trigger of the device. Once the device is activated, it tracks the current location using GPS and sends emergency message using GSM to the registered mobile number and near by police station. It also autodials the number which is saved so that the person on the other side can hear what is happening using microphone and take immediate action. Neuro Stimulator will produce non-lethal electric shock in emergency situations to detect the attacker, buzzer is used as an alarm to alert the nearby people so that they may understand that someone is in need . This device also provides the geofencing feature .