Durability of Concrete by Using Metakaolin as a Partial Replacement of Cement

  • Mr.Abhishek V Borade, Ms.Rucha V Desai, Mr.Bhushan R Ghodeswar, Mr. Apurva V Gawale, Mr.Vivek Angulwar


Concrete a composite material made from cement, water, fine aggregate and coarse aggregate. But present researchers are in interest of finding new cement materials  by  waste  materials  or  waste  products  produced  from industries which are harmful to environment. The present research deals with partial replacement of cement with metakaolin which are having silica used as admixture for making concrete. Making partial replacement of cement with metakaolin as constant, 10%,15%,20% metakaolin was made in partial replacement of cement and results were found that and metakaolin usage in partial replacement to cement can be made. It was tested for compressive strength at the age of 7, 28 day and compared with traditional concrete. The overall test results shows that metakaolin could be used in concrete as a partial replacement of cement.