Password Security System With phishing website detection- A Survey

  • Himanshu Chaudhari, Avinash Kumar, Akshay Bhandwale, Krishna Rathod, S.G.Pawar


Secure password storage is a very important aspect of systems based on password authentication. There are some security flaws in few authentication techniques. This password can still be cracked easily. Therefore, we are going to develop a system that will provide a way of storing a password by using cryptographic functions. The system will adopt a framework to prevent passwords in the data table.we propose a password authentication framework that is designed for secure password storage and could be easily integrated into existing authentication systems. The system consists of two phases: the registration phase and the authentication phase. In the registration phase, the user enters a username and password. The received password will be converted to hash value by using the Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) security algorithm. This hash value will be then converted into a negative password using a negative password generation algorithm. The negative password will be then converted into Encrypted Negative Password by using selected symmetric-key algorithm i.e. Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE) and the encryption key will be a hash value of the plain password.  This ENP will be then stored in authentication data table.