An Augmented Reality Trainer System For Fitness

  • Shraddha Bongane, Pratik Jadhav, Piyush Dongre, Richa Singh, Mrs B. D. Shendkar


Augmented Reality is a trend technology which enables users to experience the real world virtual objects added. By using AR a virtual gym trainer can be created. Users won’t get time to go gym because of some hectic schedule and it is difficult to work out without a trainer. Hence to overcome this problem an android app will create. Instead of looking for workout videos and reading boring instructions on an app, users can project a virtual personal trainer in the gym or any other workout space. The holographic trainer is probably one of the most attractive ways to exercise. User can walk around the coach to see the way muscles work and work alongside him or her.  A gym trainer has various workout regimes for weight gain and weight loss. On entering the weight gain trainer it asks for user’s body weight and height. Depending on that it calculates your body mass index. Then it shows user workout schedule. Similarly the weight-loss trainer trains and monitors users workout and provides appropriate training and results. This will be achieved with the help of an android app. The app will be developed in android studio and the models showing the exercises will be developed in Maya or Unity3D. The app shows an AR model to show how the exercise is done which will help the user exercise and get in better shape and stay healthy.