AGRIGRASS: Precision Farming for Weed Detection & Control

  • Margesh M. Ambilwade, Aumkar A. Deshpande, Rucha K. Ugemuge, Pooja N. Vengurlekar


Weed detection and control is done using image processing technique. Image processing is the process of capturing the image and storing it digitally. Image of weed is capture and algorithms like CNN and KNN are applied for the feature extraction and classification respectively. An RGB image is taken as a sample in order to demonstrate the difference between weed and the crop. This RGB image is further processed for detecting the weeds. After certain steps namely uploading image, applying CNN algorithm(for feature extraction) and KNN algorithm(for classification) we get the solution to prevent the development of weeds. During this process, weeds are separated from the crop that has been taken in the sample image.