Network Security Enabled Arduino Devices for Military Communication

  • Kasturi Shet, Neha Shilamkar, Pradnya Kamble, Harsh Choudhary, Pooja Vengurlekar


Today, India’s primary mission is to detect and prevent the entry of terrorists, weapons of mass destruction, and illegal allies. Indian army has a long and storied history as our nation’s first line of defense against unauthorized access of terrorists into the country, and to interdict drug smugglers and other criminals along the border. Thus, military men need highly secured communication device having encryption decryption technology and password protection. This system must be non-hackable and it must provide secured communication between soldiers at border. The sole purpose of this system is to establish the communication between two soldiers. We will be using two Arduino devices with 32-bit SSL encryption and communication between two devices is established by Zigbee protocol which is 128bit AES encryption. Hence double encryption will be achieved. Serverless point to point communication cannot be hacked as data is not stored at any physical location.