Using Augmented Reality Development of 3D Model from 2D Architectural Plan

  • Kshitij Ramteke, Chetan Jadhav, Pranav Kolapkar, Shantanu Nivangune


Augmented Reality (AR) turns the environment around you into a digital interface by placing virtual objects in the real world, in real-time. AR can be seen through a wide variety of experiences such as gaming applications, AR browsers, etc. AR adds computerized components to a live view by utilizing the camera on a cell phone. In contrast to Virtual Reality (VR), AR doesn't make the entire artificial situations to supplant genuine with a virtual one. AR shows up in direct perspective on an existing condition and includes sounds, recordings, and illustrations to it. A view of the physical certifiable condition with superimposed computer created pictures, therefore changing the impression of the truth, is the AR.  AR is currently used to help visualize objects that aren’t in the room and to create immersive brand experiences that engage consumers on another level. In this survey we propose a system for conversion of 2D architectural floor plans to 3D models using Augmented Reality. This will give the user an interactive and enhanced virtual experience to understand the floor plan.