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The Advanced Science and Technology Letters (ASTL) series is committed to the publication of proceedings of Advanced Science and Technology. Its objectives is to publish original research in various areas of Science and Technology. This will provide good chances for academic and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in areas of Science and Technology. Research papers were strictly peer-reviewed by program committees to make sure that the the papers accepted were high quality and relevant to the current and future issues and trends in Science and Technology. The scope of ASTL includes the entire area of science and technology from the current and future trends.The Language of publication is English. The Authors have to sign the SERSC ASTL copyright transfer form.  

ISSN : 2287-1233


Volume 1: Information Security and Assurance
Volume 2: Information Science and Technology(Part 1)
Volume 3: Information Science and Technology(Part 2)
Volume 4: Information Science for Industry
Volume 5: Software Technology
Volume 6: Computer Science and Technology
Volume 7: Ubiquitous Computing and Multimedia Applications
Volume 8: Computer, Networks, Systems, and Industrial Applications
Volume 9: Advanced Information Technology and Sensor Application
Volume 10: Computer and Applications
Volume 11: Advanced Signal Processing
Volume 12: Security-enriched Urban Computing and Smart Grid
Volume 13: Information Technology and Computer Science
Volume 14: Research Trend of Computer Science and Related Areas