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Membership Grades

General Membership

Senior Membership
Advisory Board Membership

General Membership

SERSC general membership benefits include subscriptions to SERSC New Magazine; access to SERSC training and education center; and personal, financial, and insurance programs.

Qualifications for SERSC Membership
(one of the following):

  • Engineer or scientist graduated from a recognized educational degree program.
  • A related degree plus three years applicable professional experience.
  • Six year applicable professional experience.

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SERSC Senior Membership

SERSC members may apply for Senior Membership.

Candidates for Senior Member should have active professional practice for at least ten years and should be able to show significant performance over at least five of those years. This performance should include one or more of the following:

  • Publication of engineering or scientific papers, books or inventions.
  • Recognized contributions to the welfare of the scientific or engineering profession.
  • Development or furtherance of important scientific or engineering courses or a Recognized Education program.

To be a senior member, please send your resume to SERSC Member Services, Your resume will be reviewed by Advisory Board of SERSC.

For more information on Senior membership, contact SERSC Member Services,


SERSC Advisory Board Membership

Senior members of the SERSC can be elected to SERSC Advisory Board grade.

The grade of Advisory Board recognizes unusual distinction in the profession and is conferred only by invitation by the Board of Directors. Advisory Board recognizes people of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in SERSC designated fields and who have made important individual contributions to one or more of these fields.

Normally, candidates for Advisory Board must hold Senior Member grade at the time of nomination and should be a member (of any grade) for a period of five years or more. And candidates for Advisory Board should be a General Chair of any international conference or an Editor-in-chief of any international journal.