Churn Prediction in the Airline Industry of Selected Sector

  • Dr A Abdul Rasheed et al.


Churn prediction is the interesting phenomenon to the researchers in the recent past. This is
applied to identify the movement or being migrated from a service provider to another one. The
same scenario is widely-applied to telecom industries. The mobile service providers are offering
different services to its customers. There are custom(er)-specific plans offered by the service
provider to retain the customers at bulk such as corporate. This research focuses on applying
churn prediction into Airlines industry. It focused on identifying which Airline service provider
performs below the expected level. The services offered by the Airline Service Provider is
analyzed based on some metrics like delay in the departure, delay in the arrival, whether the
aircraft is cancelled and the aircraft is being diverted due to unforeseen circumstances. There is
a great chance of the customers belonging to such Airline services to migrate to other service. In
view of this, the data are collected from US-based website related to the Airline industry. The
data are analysed in different perspectives and some of the promising leading machine learning
models are also applied to predict the churn that is the Airline Service Provider