A Review on various approaches in Machine Translation for Sanskrit Language

  • Dr.Santosh Deshpande et al.


Machine Translation is an emerging field in computer science. It is one of the most significant applications
of Natural Language Processing. Aim to focus on Sanskrit in Machine Translation is to come across the
language suitability, its morphology and employ appropriate Machine Translation techniques. A review
has been conducted on various approaches in Machine Translation in this paper. It begins with
introduction to Natural Language Processing and its applications. Different types of ambiguities are
discussed. Silent features of Sanskrit language are discussed. Then focuses on Sanskrit is used for Machine
Translation and highlights the language features for Machine Translation. Different approaches of
Machine Translation are given like Rule based, Statistical based, Direct etc. A survey of the work done on
various machine translation systems either developed or under the development. General structure for
Sanskrit Machine Translation system (SMTS) is discussed.