A Survey on Blockchain for Solving Safety Problem of iot

  • Vaibhav Jagtap, Shreya B. Ahire


Today, blockchain technology attracts a lot of attention from investigators, computer experts, and local professionals in a variety of businesses, including lending, business, real estate, transportation, supply chain, and healthcare. This curiosity is because bitcoin and its equivalent platform were the first applications of blockchain and the framework of cryptocurrencies. In contrast to the critical structure used in the maximum system, the distributed structure and the cryptographic hash algorithm used are particularly preferred in the security field. Use an experimental approach to create a chain of trust to protect iot devices, iot device transaction validation, and iot device mesh network protection via blockchain technology. Forensic examination uses immutable transactions to determine its effectiveness. The biot concept has four advantages: publishing and replicating sensor data for public and distributed ledgers, timestamps using blockchain structure, data verification, and non-denial.