Digital Marketing

  • Dr.Rajshree Satdive


The impact of digital marketing communication in an organization for finished goods with different categories such as banking, gaming, fashion accessories ,clothing, music found the computer to be a useful tool for everything from generating random sounds to controlling a sophisticated digital symphony.etc. It has been identified by the research persons. The main concept of this research study is to understand the effect of digital marketing communication on consumer buying process in to the market. Secondary data is used for the study of digital communication. The study concluded that 90% of the respondent used minimum one digital channel while buying any type of products.

Today, Smart phones and computers technology which are used to communicates and gather information. Before buying any type of product, everyone wants to know its complete information, uses and benefits, for which digital communication i.e. "website" is a source that provides easily solution of any keyword. This has made it much easier to purchase products in these days, as well as make the technology process easier for the consumers to take decision for buying products.

To conclude that  the study of digital communication, it is confirmed that digital marketing has fulfill all the requirements and needs of customers over the website as proving the answers of different types of queries  related to vehicles. Consumers are also happy with this technology that they get the full information on the website