Formulation of Mathematical Model for the Investigation of Frictional Power Loss for Multi cylinder S I Engine using Dimensional Analysis

  • P. N. Patil, Dr. D. S. Deshmukh, Dr. V. S. Patil , Dr. S. P. Shekhavat


The aim of this study is to develop the mathematical relationships for frictional power loss in spark ignition engine for gasoline and alternative  fuels used such as liquefied petroleum gas using dimensional analysis. Since the major contributor for fuel consumption are automotive sector and in this the internal combustion engine plays a major role as a power sources . Frictional power loss which affect directly on  performance of any engine, defining the ability of engine to utilize the energy supplied and power developed .The correlation developed between Torque Load (Ld), Speed (N),  Frictional power (Pf), Engine oil viscosity(o) as a major parameter. Dimensional analysis technique is applied for reduction of variables by using Buckingham   л- theorem. A probable mathematical model has formulated from obtained Pi-term with multiple regression analysis. The ANN model has also developed and tested against observed data for gasoline fuel.