Agricultural Electric Backpack Sprayer Using Solar Panel

  • Prof. S P Velapure, Ramkrishna V Tupe, Manoj Hanchate, Mitesh K Waghe, Himalaya R Patil


Sprayers are commonly used on farms to spray pesticides, herbicides and as a means of crop quality, maintenance and control. There are many kinds of machine operated sprayers, the most common of which used in India is a low pressure hand  operated Sprayer. Electrical Assistance could be employed to work automatically without using any human effort. Electric Sprayer has various components which are dependent on each other starting from the first component i.e. the backpack the fluid enters the pump which is a positive displacement pump i.e. Diaphragm pump this pump pushes the fluid further towards the nozzle by means of electric motor. This electric motor acts as a pump to suck the fluid and send it to the nozzle and the electric motor is connected to battery which provide it electricity. The battery is further charged by solar panel. Between solar panel and battery there is a voltage rectifier which reduces high volt coming from the solar panel to a smaller voltage. Nano coating is done on solar panel to increase its capacity to absorb light and refract the infrared rays which contribute to unwanted heating effect and thus increasing its efficiency and life.