E-Health Monitoring and Prediction System

  • Rushikesh Dahake , Shubham Panchal , Amit Kagokar , Shreyas Koranne, Dipali Pawar


Considering the day by day rapid increase in population of the world, providing appropriate healthcare to elderly or unwell people becomes a crucial issue and needs high attention from mainly medical, also industrial and academic fields of the society. Nowadays on Internet of Things (IoT) there is extensive research on finding the solution for improving the quality of life of the people. In this Project we are presenting a prototype of health monitoring system which is based on IoT and makes use of wearable sensors, thereby providing remote and continuous monitoring of a patient’s health. , we will continuously monitor the patient’s heartbeat and temperature by using a web application. Various sensors will be used such as heart beat sensor and temperature sensor for patients to get dat. All sensors will be communicating to application through remote