A Review Paper on IOT Device for The Tactical Military Environment Using Raspberry Pi

  • S. P. Dhanure, Soumya Kumari, Mayuri Malgi, Prachi Soor, Shailesh Sonkamble


As we know the surveillance is a difficult task of International border areas. It is not possible by the border guarding forces to watch the border at each and every moment. In this case the essential requirement is to have a system which automatically detects trespasser in the border and report nearby board security control unit. Nowadays, to carry out risky jobs the robots are used that cannot be done by the soldiers. In this present work, a Raspbian operating system-based spy robot platform with remote monitoring and control algorithm through Internet of Things (IoT)has been developed which will save human live, reduces manual error and protect the country from enemies. The system comprises the Raspberry Pi (small single-board computer), camera, PIR sensor and shooting gun. The Raspberry Pi is the brain of the system. Android app control the moving to a specific direction and camera for live streaming videos of required areas for tracing and attacking. And the PIR sensor are activated depend on external stimuli via IoT. The user is able to access the system with control buttons on the android app from control room.