Experimental Investigation for Effect of Geopathic Stress on Simple Reaction Time at National Highways and Expressways

  • Pratiksha Chougule,Vrushali Bhagwat, Pratiksha Dalavi, Pratik Londhe, Akshay S. Kathe


Geopathic Stress is the energy from the earth surface which is the biggest threat to the built environment. Energy emitted by the earth surface which has ability to change the normal functioning of human beings is termed as Geopathic stress Suitability of the site in ancient times is carried out by different tests like Bhumi Pariksha, architectures and civil engineers were very particular in selecting the site for dwelling but in recent past geopathic stress is rarely considered spatial planning. Recent studies have shown that it is one of the causes for inception of disease. Places on road affected by this stress are prone to accidents. if geopathic stress is present on road environment, it may lead to increased reaction time of drivers in turn responsible for occurrence of accidents This paper highlights how simple reaction time will increase due to presence of Geopathic stress with help of Regression Analysis.  Regression Analysis will help to predict and forecast Accidents on Roads.