Movable Road Divider Using IOT

  • Swapnil Chorge, Avinash Shingan, Ajinkya Kenjale, Prajwal Barkul, Pritish Kathale


Civil engineering deals with the new formation, invention, design, construction and maintenance of physical and naturally built environment, including works like towers, building, roads, canals, tunnels, dams and bridges. Construction of roads has always been one of the most important aspect of infrastructure and most fascinating challenges to civil engineers. Roads are designed on the basis of type of the user ,traffic density , intensity of vehicles of different types . movable road divider will eliminate traffic congestion and avoid delay in traffic . In this  paper we present the need and importance of movable road divider using IOT is mentioned. Movable road divider  is provided on the roads which cannot further expanded by width and one way traffic during rush hours is more. This type of Movable Road Dividers are preferred where one way traffic is high like IT parks  which are ideal for eliminating one way traffic .