Survey on Bridge Structure Health Monitoring and Flood Detection

  • Rushikesh Pasarkar, Ravina Mahadik, Sarvesh Chougule, Nuzha Chanda, Ms. P. V. Ambekar


Many of the bridges in cities built on the river are subject to deterioration as their lifetime is expired but they're still in use. They are dangerous to bridge users. Due to heavy load of vehicles, high water level or pressure and heavy rains these bridges may get collapse which in turn leads to disaster. So, these bridges require continuous monitoring. This paper provides an overview of bridge health monitoring and damage detection with emphasis on enabling technologies namely weight sensor, water level point contact sensor, Wi-Fi module, Arduino microcontroller. This survey paper also highlights the monitoring aspects like detecting the load of vehicles, water level and pressure. If the water level, water pressure and vehicle load on the bridge crosses its threshold value then it generates the alert through buzzer and auto barrier to scale back and avoid the loss of living and finances.