Building Executive Dashboard with Einstein Analytics

  • Saurabh Waghmode ,Shubham Patil ,Saurabh Rawale ,Manish Vishwakarma ,Prof. S.G. Pawar


Modern organizations are turning into data-driven decisions due to various advantages of relying on such data-driven decision are, such as quick decision, reliable decision making and accuracy of analysis. As increase of data dependent decision it is need to create useful analytic tools which can give insights to users of the metadata. Einstein analytics, formally known as wave analytics , is a cloud- based platform that connects data from multiple sources and explores it to uncover insights .it empowers sales representative without building mathematical models. EA lets user create lenses , dashboards and also let user share bulk of lenses and multiple dashboards. EA uses power of AI and machine learning to help user to gain business insight. Generally dashboards available use basic dev op but our executable dashboard uses advance dev op and create environment trailhead which supports Einstein dump, consisting of millions of data which allows user to play around with data at instance.