Small Enterprise Owners Knowledge of Entrepreneurship

  • Ade Indah Sari , Teguh Setiawan


Micro and Small Business Enterprises (MSBE) play an important role to support families’ incomes in
developing countries. This research qualitative with the technique of collecting Discussion Forum (FDG)
data was conducted to find the identity and classification of Micro and small Business Enterprises
(MSBE) and their relation to owners’ knowledge of social Entrepreneurship conception. Data were
classified the knowledge of entrepreneurship of MSBE knowledge into 3 levels (1.Donot know; 2. Know,
3. Apply knowledge). It revealed that 25% of FGD informants falls into level 1; thus 62.5% goes to level
2, and 12.5% goes to level 3. Additionally only 1 informant had a business domicile certificate from
Medan Labuhan Subdistrict and 1 informant already had a business license and halal certificate.
Constraints faced by informants in conducting their business related to capital and marketing.