Smart Home Security System

  • R.Ilaiyaraja, M.Julie Therese, S.Pushparaj


Security through continuous video surveillance and Home automation becomes necessary for people in day-to-day life. As a separate systems they are costly and needs more usage of power. To overcome this, both of these services can be computed into single system which is highly efficient. A Voice recognized automation through Google Assistant can be used to industrialize tasks performed by human which can be done through Internet of Things (IoT). Also bringing the house under video surveillances for the security purpose through live video streaming by connecting raspberry pi Camera which is cost efficient and requires less storage space than Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).The live streaming can be viewed anywhere in the world from any web browser or even in mobile app. Hence, Smart Home Security System that computes voice recognized Home Automation using Google Assistant and live video streaming for the security purpose can be designed and constructed in which overall cost and power usage is less when compared to existing model.