A Smart Framework for Tracking Robotic Arm Records using Augmented Reality

  • Mr. K.Kalaiarasan, Mrs. S.Kanimozhi


As Industry 4.0 becoming the present pattern of mechanization and information trade assuming responsibility over the current way of working. The prologue to Internet of Things in industry has prompted numerous different prerequisites for the shrewd business to shift towards mechanization. Industries have felt a necessity of getting an expanded reality based mobile application to adhere to the status of automated arms employed in the keen business. A smart framework for android stage dependent on increased reality to display the status of robotic arm which incorporate subtleties like complete amount of items handled, wide range of faulty item prepared and its own rate, blunder rate, accuracy rate, and so on. The computerization can help in enhancing the effectiveness regarding the robotic arm and maintaining a continuing watch from the procedure that is total. Right off the bat, the application that is android open camera to catch ongoing perspective and recognize the robotic arm which will be likely to process further. Google vision API should be utilized to perceive the image of automated arm which will be appeared as high implication portrayal. The results will soon be fond of the server site to process and return the total investigation put away in the server .for example amount of faulty glasses, complete quantity of glasses and so forth.