Epitomic Analysis For Face Recognition In Machine Learning

  • Y. Angel Blessy, Dr. G. Heren Chellam


Comparision identical twins using their face images is a challenge in biometrics. Face detection
and comparison is one of the most common place programs in Artificial intelligence. Human beings carry
out face recognition automatically each day and practically without a effort. Eigenface Recognizer set of
rules considers the truth that not all components of a face are equally essential and equally useful. When
we take a look at someone we recognize the character his distinct functions like eyes, nose, cheeks, brow
and how they range with recognize to each other. The idea is to surely consciousness on the areas of
maximum exchange of the face. For example, from eyes to nostril there is a sizable exchange and the
identical is the case from nostril to mouth. This work compare more than one faces you compare them
with the aid of looking at these components of the faces because these parts are the most useful and
important components of a face. Important because they seize the maximum exchange amongst faces,
exchange this facilitates you differentiate one face from the other.