Satisfaction Level Of Students On Education Loan In Kerala

  • Dr. Suja J


University level education is called Higher Education. India has momentous advantages in
building a hefty, elevated superiority in the higher education system. Education loan is a popular
method of funding loans to young aspirants who wish to pursue higher education in India and as well
as abroad. This scheme provides financial support to a meritorious student or a deserving student to
proceed with their higher education with affordable terms and conditions. It is necessary to note that
education loan has become a way of transferring the financial burden from the government to
consumers of higher education (Dr. S. Puttaswamaiah, 2010). Kerala Government is not able to
provide required funds for universities and colleges. So Education loan is a very important funding
method to the young aspirants who wish to pursue higher education. In Kerala, students are facing so
many challenges related to education loans. The present study is very useful to know the satisfaction
level of students on education loans in Kerala.