Design of De-oiling Dryer for Domestic Purpose by using Centrifugal Force

  • Pradhyumn Dubey, Tohid Ahmed, Ram Bansal, Mohammed Ali , S K Somani


The machine with an internal spinner which rotates to extract the extra oil from the fried food. This
process is known as de-oiling. The process is mainly used in the industries, but this design is for the
domestic purpose as for household use. The domestic de-oiling machine is built with components such
as Internal Spinner, Oil Collector, and Electric Motor. With the use of internal spinner when fried
food is rotated at high RPM, Due to centrifugal force, the oil from the fried food will move outward
from the netted spinner and hence, the extra oil is dried from this fried food. By the Centrifugal force
and Coriolis force, the de-oiling is done, which is generated by the electric motor at spinning.