Providing A Model To Optimize The Composition Of External Suppliers In Sanctions Considering Delivery Time In Multi-Product Status Using The Combination Of Multi-Criteria Decision Making And Integer Mathematical Planning

  • Alireza Khansari et al.


The purpose of this article is to optimize the portfolio of foreign suppliers under sanctions. This
paper attempts to calculate the percentage of each supplier supplying products to a domestic importer.
Criteria for determining this share include supplier reliability in terms of sanctions restrictions and the
pressures that arise, as well as the timing of deliveries. For this purpose, first, appropriate criteria were
set for external suppliers under sanctions by interviewing experts. The statistical population consisted
of all experts of the study company, ten of whom were interviewed and the other ten were used for
quantitative research. After determining the criteria, 7 effective and 8 effective criteria were determined
using Demetel technique and the effective criteria were eliminated. Then, using the weighted analytical
hierarchy method, the 7 effective criteria set in the DEMATEL method were determined, and then using
the Mora method 13 external suppliers of the company based on the weighted criteria in the analytical
hierarchy method, by rating each product. Were. Then, using an integer mathematical model, the
optimal order quantity for each supplier was modeled separately for each product. This model was
solved using an innovative method that optimizes the supplier basket and finally the optimal order
quantity. Calculated to each supplier.