Retrieving the Biomedical Images Using Deep Learning Based Classification Model

  • A.Kumar et al.


In recent times, there is an exponential growth in the generation and utilization of
medical images, which offers extensive details about the anatomical structure of a patient.
Therefore, medicinal images have been utilized for diagnostics and research purposes to
understand the deep insight into the reason and treatment of diverse diseases. To retrieve
and classify the medicinal images from huge databases, it is needed to develop an
effective medical image retrieval and classification model. In this paper, a new medical
image retrieval and classification model has been developed incorporating three different
processes namely feature extraction, similarity measurement-based image retrieval and
image classification. At the earlier level, texture and shape features are extracted from the
original image. On the application of new query image as input, the image retrieval
process is executed utilizing a Euclidean distance-based similarity measure to retrieve the
relevant images. Then, grey wolf optimization (GWO) tuned deep neural network (DNN)
called GWO-DNN model is applied for classification task. The hyperparameter tuning of
DNN model takes place by the use of GWO algorithm. Finally, the classification process
gets executed and assign class label to the applied test image. To validate the results, a
benchmark NEMA CT images is utilized. The experimental results clearly portrayed the
significance of the proposed model by attaining a maximum precision of 89.39%, recall of
94.18% and accuracy of 93.73%.