Implementation Of Diverse Encryption Algorithms In Iot Devices For Securing User Data

  • Mrs. M.Sowmiya, et al.


Our world has adapted to the many new technologies that make the human reduce his/her effort
of working. The environment around us has become more e-friendly so as to make our world to be
digitalized. Internet of things is one such important emerging technology that has supported humans
through various applications such as washing machines, fitness tracker, smart gardening, health
monitoring system and so on. Since the IoT has proven to be more essential for today’s development,
it becomes essential to give protection to the different IoT devices that are carrying sensitive data.
The data that the devices use must not be leaked at any cost, because they may threaten the lives of
human sometimes. Hence this paper allows us to understand various security algorithms that can be
implemented in IoT devices for ensuring the data privacy. The different algorithms are studied and
they are compared among each other to identify the best suitable one.