Evolutionary Algorithms for Solar Photovoltaic Parameters Estimation - A Review

  • S. Senthilkumar et al.


Solar panels are an indispensable and main constituent for solar energy tapping as
they are instrumental in conversion of solar radiation into electrical voltage equivalent.
Optimal generation of power from these solar panels is a prime issue of research as it
depends on several attributes mostly related to the sizing and modelling of photovoltaic
(PV) panels for the required applications. In most cases, an array of solar cells is used
for generation of small to medium scale power generation. Sizing of the panels, the
storage process, utilization of electrical circuits in the process, are some essential
research attributes which collectively determine and define maximum power generation
from the solar panel. Parameter and circuit level modelling has been taken as prime
issue of investigation and various state of the art techniques to determine the optimal
sizing with respect to various circuit models such as single diode model (SDM) and
double diode models (DDM) have been investigated in an extensive manner in this
review article. It provides the concepts, features, and highlights the advantages and
drawbacks of cell models. In this paper, we discuss the several algorithms and techniques
used by both SDM and DDM and a deep study into the analysis of parameter estimations
in each diode have been reviewed. Based on the conducted review, some
recommendations for future research are provided.