Investigating the Factors Influencing Prawn Cultivation in India

  • L. Ramachandran et al.


Aquaculture is a salient food production sector in India. India is the second largest
country in aquaculture production, and this sector contributes 1% of India’s GDP. It
offers livelihood for neatly 14 million people. Among diverse aquaculture, prawn farming
holds significant commercial paramount in India. The trade and commercial value of
prawn farming is increasing every year, but the farmers are facing severe problems due
to various disease affecting the prawns. Hence this paper aims to discuss about disease
affecting the prawns, in particular, disease affecting Penaeus Monodon (P. monodon) or
Tiger shrimp and Litopenaeus Vannamei (L. vannamei) or White leg shrimp, which is the
majorly cultivated prawn varieties in India. Abiotic and Biotic disease are the major
classification of shrimp disease. Having aware about the disease and its prevention is
always the best method because uttermost diseases are having high mortality rate.