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ISSN: 2005-4254

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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Research of EEG-Based Brain Fatigue Using Mutual Information, Yu Zhou (pp. 1-12).
  • Control Chart Pattern Classification Based on Optimized Intelligent Approach: A Comparative Study, Esmaeil Atoon and Milad Azarbad (pp. 13-28).
  • Study on Fusion of Terrestrial 3D Laser Point-clouds and Camera Image Data, Wenshu Lin, Yang Li, Jinzhuo Wu, Shanshan Zhang and Yuan Meng (pp. 29-44).
  • Effective Speech Enhancement Algorithm for Mobile Communication Using Cascading of Frequency and Time Domain Algorithms, Harish Chander, Balwinder Singh and Ravinder Khanna (pp. 45-56).
  • The Challenges of Kazakh Coded Character Processing and Relevant Solutions, Jun Dong, Li Cheng, Yong Yang and Tonghai Jiang (pp. 57-66).
  • Passive Localization for Mixed Near-Field and Far-Field Sources Based on Cumulant Sparse Representation, Qinghua Liu, Wei Chen and Liangnian Jin (pp. 67-78).
  • An Adaptive Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Algorithm Based on Image Blocks, Yong Yin, Qianqian Ruan, Shitong Liu and Xiaoli Chen (pp. 79-90).
  • An Improved Sparse Channel Estimation for OFDM Systems Based on Sparse Reconstruction by Separable Approximation, Xiaolin Shi and Yixin Yang (pp. 91-104).
  • Pedestrian Detection Method in Infrared Images Using Maximum Entropy Threshold and Random Forest, Songze Lei, Xiaoping Li, Feng Xiao and Shifang Zhang (pp. 105-114).
  • Coal and Rock Recognition at Fully Mechanized Caving Mining Face Based on Variational Mode Decomposition and PSO-SVM, Xue Guanghui, Jiao Yabo and Hu Baohua (pp. 115-128).
  • Depth Map Enhancement based on Improved Adaptive Total Generalized Variation for ToF Camera, Lujiang Liu, Gaopeng Zhao and Yuming Bo (pp. 129-142).
  • Research on Improved Digital Watermark Algorithm Based on QR Code, Yuanmei Wang and Tao Li (pp. 143-156).
  • Bibliography