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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Modeling Software Platform of Multi-Organization Core Based on Voxels Interpolation Method, Niu-Wenjie, Liu-He, Wang-Xiaobin, Xu-Qingqing, Xu-Ying, Zheng-Shipo, Li-Hui and Bai-Yongtao (pp. 1-12).
  • Wireless Sensor Network Based Monitoring Sensory System towards Environmental Pollution, Oky Dwi Nurhayati, Sumardi and Eko Didik W (pp. 13-24).
  • An Adaptive Compression Strategy Based on A* Algorithm, Yun Wu, Guannan Xu, Jieming Yang and Lishan Bao (pp. 25-32).
  • Comprehensive Evaluation of Transformer Condition Based on Fuzzy Grey Clustering and Variable Weight, Renjie Song, Ruiying Liu and Lin Wang (pp. 33-42).
  • Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Technique Using M-ary QAM for Different Fading Environments, Jai Sukh Paul Singh, Mritunjay Kumar Rai, Gulshan Kumar and Hye-jin Kim (pp. 43-52).
  • A SVM Active Learning Algorithm Based on Class Boundary Characteristics, and Its Application in Audio Classification, Yan Leng, Nai Zhou, Chengli Sun, Xinyan Xu, Qi Yuan, Yunxia Liu, Dengwang Li and Zhiyuan Guo (pp. 53-70).
  • Development of AHTS-vessel Marine Engine Room Virtual Training Platform and Research on Key Technology, Haosheng Shen, Jundong Zhang, Hong Zeng and Yuanyuan Tang (pp. 71-94).
  • Designing Wearable Electronic Spectacle for Enhancing Social Impressions Emitting Sound and Smell, Yongsoon Choi (pp. 95-108).
  • Research on Power Quality Evaluation of Wind Farm Based on Fuzzy Neural Network, Ji-cheng Liu, Jing Yu, Fu-lian Shi and Na-na Cai (pp. 109-116).
  • Hybrid Approach Using Sensors, GPS and Vision Based Tracking to Improve the Registration in Mobile Augmented Reality Applications, Carlos Santos, Tiago Araújo, Jefferson Morais and Bianchi Meiguins (pp. 117-130).
  • New Useful Heat Flow Equation in Solar Absolute Radiometer and Its Applications, Xiao Tang, Ping Jia, Yupeng Wang, Xin Ye and Wei Fang (pp. 131-140).
  • The Importance of Early Childhood Education and Development in Indonesia, Budiharjo (pp. 141-148).
  • The Influence of Computer-Mediated Communication on Students’ Writing Ability, Hadriana Hadriana (pp. 149-160).
  • The Organizational Commitment Analysis of Academic Staffs: A Case Study at the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Prof Dr Moestopo (Beragama), Indonesia, Zulhawati and Meiliyah Ariani (pp. 161-184).
  • The Efficacy of Self-Regulated Learning and Social Media in Higher Education, Budiharjo (pp. 185-194).
  • The Effectiveness of Web-Based Instruction on Writing Skill of English Department Students of FKIP Riau University, Indonesia, Mahdum (pp. 195-202).
  • Bibliography