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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • The Inversion Method of Industrial Flame Vertical Temperature Field Based on Multi-spectral Radiation, Zhenhua Wei, Binyang Li, Zhihong Li, Shibo Song and Yan Li (pp. 1-12).
  • Comparative Analysis of Galaxy and Xiaomi on Switching Intention Process of Smartphone Using Structural Equation Modeling, Huifeng Pan and Man-Su Kang (pp. 13-28).
  • Building Laos Dependency Treebank by Means of Chinese-Laos Bilingual Corpus of Word Alignment, Ruochen Yin, Lanjiang Zhou, Feng Zhou and Fajie Li (pp. 29-40).
  • Solving the Path Problem with Required Length, Zhi-xiong Su, Han-ying Wei and Xue-min Yu (pp. 41-68).
  • Kernel Credal C-Means Method Based on Belief Functions, Khawla El Bendadi, Yissam Lakhdar, El Hassan Sbai and Abdourahmane Koita (pp. 69-82).
  • Differential Evolution Cloud Computing Scheduling Strategy Based on Dynamic Adjustment, Li Yi-ran and Zhang Chun-na (pp. 83-94).
  • A Review on Apple Detection Methods for Harvesting Robot, Kinjal V. Joshi (pp. 95-106).
  • Spoken Emotion Recognition by Combining Deep Belief Networks and Multi-layer Perceptron, Shiqing Zhang, Yueli Cui, Yuelong Chuang, Wenping Guo, Ying Chen and Xiaoming Zhao (pp. 107-116).
  • Intensity Invariant Stereo Matching and Disparity Refinement, Junxue He, Erchao Li and Zhanming Li (pp. 117-128).
  • Sleep Mode Strategy for Energy Saving on 3G Network, Linawati, Gede Sukadarmika and Ridho Yurham (pp. 129-142).
  • Exploring the Suitability of Handheld Devices for Mobile Learning, Olutayo Boyinbode and Tolulope Ogundipe (pp. 143-160).
  • Mobile Multimedia Applications Optimization at Dynamic Data Process Level, Xiaosheng Wang, Qian Yu, Yanhui Guo and Chunguang Zhou (pp. 161-170).
  • The Feature Parallelism Model of Visual Recognition, Marwa Yousif Hassan, Abdi O. Shuriye, Aisha-Hassan Abdallah, Momoh J. E. Salam and Othman O. Khalifa (pp. 171-186).
  • Preliminary Studies of Predictive Analytics Algorithm for Anticipating Mobile Network Performance Behaviour, Wahidah Hashim, Muhammad Idham Bin Abdul Halim, Ahmad Fadzil Ismail, Kok-Lim Alvin Yau and Mohammad Kamrul Hasan (pp. 187-194).
  • Cloud Computing Scheduling Strategy Based on Multi-Group Parallel Particle Swarm Optimization, Zhang Chun-na and Li Yi-ran (pp. 195-204).
  • Bibliography