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  • Cover Page
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  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • A Fuzzy Neural Approach with Multiple Models to Time-Dependent Short Term Power Load Forecasting Based on Weather, Donghui Shi, Jian Guan, Jozef Zurada, Jorge Lopez-Vargas and Ma. Carmen Cabrera-Loayza (pp. 1-16).
  • Tree Based Localization Model for Line Following Robots, Tanvir Ahmed, Khandakar Mahbubul Islam, Md. Faiz Ahmed, Rakib Hossain and Md. Mahbubur Rahman (pp. 17-34).
  • A Node Importance Analytical Approach for Multiple Relationships Online Social Network, Dong Suhui, Sun Zhongting and Xu Yonggang (pp. 35-42).
  • Analysis on the Development of Modern Smart Home Industry and Cloud Computing Technique with the Influence on Transforming the Internet Startup Orientation, Ya Liu and Chun Yang (pp. 43-56).
  • A Visualization Technique of a Music Emotion Represented in Dimensional Approach on Infinity Mirror Based LED Wall, Van Loi Nguyen, Xu Bin, Li Hui, Lin Bin, Donglim Kim and Younghwan Lim (pp. 57-68).
  • Measure Audiences’ Satisfaction through User Generated Content–Satisfaction Research in Motion Picture Industry, Yan Wang, Mimi Zhang, Songzhu Zheng, Jianping Chai and Bo Li (pp. 69-78).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Identifying Effectiveness of Supply Chain Management Using Fuzzy Customer Feedback System, Sayed Sayeed Ahmad, Harsh Purohit and Manuj Darbari (pp. 79-86).
  • Neighborhood Upper and Lower Approximation for the Content-Based Image Retrieval, Zhao Jie and Xie Gang (pp. 87-98).
  • Intelligent Garbage Collection Policy Based on I/O Workload Prediction for NAND Flash-based Storage Devices, Xiaobo Ji, Fan Zeng, Mingwei Lin and Fei Gao (pp. 99-110).
  • Opinion of Startups in Exemplifying Role of Business Incubators in Sustaining their Survival and Growth: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan, Nasir Mahmood, Cai Jianfeng, Hina Munir, Nosheena Yasir and Farhan Jamil (pp. 111-124).
  • Optimal PMU Placement Method Based on Node Failure Rate and Its Application in Daqing Oilfield Power, Yan Zhang and Jianjun Xu (pp. 125-140).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Design and Optimal an Object Tracking Method based on Hybrid Templates: Experimental Analysis of Video Sequences, Dawei Yang and Fan Zhou (pp. 141-152).
  • Minimum Interference Resource Allocation Algorithm for D2D in C-RAN Architecture, Hou Weina, Yu Zhonghua, Chen Linglong, Liu Zhanjun (pp. 153-167).
  • Analysis of Slow Motion Based on Adaptive Detection Method in Tennis Video, Qiang Zhao and Yujin Sun (pp. 167-176).
  • Smart City Based Mobile Application for Seamless Communication of Differently-Abled, Poovam Raj T. T, UdhayaKumar S and Silviya Nancy J (pp. 177-190).
  • Study on a Multi-Hierarchy Topological Sort Algorithm for Automatic Calculation, Zhengguang Li, Huimin Zhao, Wu Deng, Junwei Li, Botao Li and Hao Tian (pp. 191-202).
  • Action Recognition Using Motion History Image and Static History Image-based Local Binary Patterns, Enqing Chen, Shichao Zhang and Chengwu Liang (pp. 203-214).
  • Server Consolidation Using a Dynamic Model Approach, Nisha Chaurasia, Shashikala Tapaswi and Joydip Dhar (pp. 215-224).
  • Efficient Audio Noise Reduction System Using Butterworth Chebyshev and Elliptical filter, Aravind Kumar M and Manjunatha Chari K (pp. 225-238).
  • Performance Analysis of 2D NoC Topologies using Booksim 2.0, Sapna Tyagi, Amit Agarwal, Vinay Avasthi and Piyush Maheshwari (pp. 239-248).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Modeling and Designing Autonomous Control Law for Eight-Rotor UAV, Xiaohua Zou and Xiangjian Chen (pp. 249-258).
  • Parallel Coordinates for Visual Analytics of Vehicle Navigation Area, Renzhi Zhang and Peipeng Zhang (pp. 259-268).
  • A Critical Insight into Congestion Control Mechanism in WSN, Vikas Srivastava, Karan Singh and Sachin Tripathi (pp. 269-280).
  • Research on Video Game Scene Annotation in Basketball Video, Changliang Zheng, Zhiqian Zhang, Zhaoxin Liu, Hepeng Zang, Hongli Huang and Jie Ren (pp. 281-290).
  • Three-dimensional Chained Nonholonomic Systems Stabilization Control via Dynamic Feedback, Ting-ting Wang, Tian-you Li and Wan-chun Zhao (pp. 291-300).
  • Data Transfer and Wireless Changing Over Electro Magnetic Field, Punit Gupta, Jasmeet Chhabra and Shubhender Singh (pp. 301-310).
  • Analysis of Physical Education Teaching Mode Based on Computer Multimedia and Network System, Yang Ju and Haibo Wan (pp. 311-322).
  • Multimedia Retrieval and Search Ranking Based on Domain Ontology, Yonghua Zhu, Jiabao Chen, Kai Zhang, Honghao Gao, Pin Wu and Samina Kausar (pp. 323-336).
  • Clock Synchronization in IoTs Network through Cloud, Ravi Shankar Jha and Punit Gupta (pp. 337-350).
  • Research on the English Teaching and Autonomous Learning Based on Multimedia Platform and Smart Classroom System, Wang Pingxiao (pp. 351-362).
  • Sense-Based Information Retrieval Using Fuzzy Logic and Swarm Intelligence, Alia Karim Abdul Hassan and Mustafa Jasim Hadi (pp. 363-376).
  • Analysis on University Education Reform and Teaching based on Computer Multimedia and Network Teaching Platform, MaoHong Sun, Rongchao Hao, BaoDi Wang, Guohua Wang, Jian ge, Siqi Yue and Chunwang Yue (pp. 377-388).
  • WME-KSVD Dictionary Based Distributed Compressive Video Sensing, Chen Rui, Wu Minghu, Yang Jie and Rui Xiongli (pp. 389-402).
  • Bibliography