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  • Cover Page
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  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Routing of Military Communication Networks Based on Cloud Genetic Algorithm, Lei Ming, Wang Heng, Mao Shao-jie, Yi Kan and Zhang Jin-feng (pp. 1-14).
  • MFAC based SMC Combine Algorithm for the Stability of PMDC, Rana Javed Masoood, Dao Bo Wang, Muhammad Aamir and Zain Anwar Ali (pp. 15-28).
  • Automated Ultrasound Doppler Angle Estimation Using the Probabilistic Hough Transform, Yong Chen (pp. 29-38).
  • A Novel Allocation Algorithm for Evacuation Simulation Based on Cellular Automaton, Fei Fang and WenchunYu (pp. 39-46).
  • Optimization of Cutting Parameters Using Weighted Principal Component Analysis (WPCA) Combined with Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) While Turning of AA7075, Ch. Maheswara Rao, K. Venkatasubbaiah and Ch. Suresh (pp. 47-62).
  • A Post-Reordering Model based Maximum Entropy in Statistic Machine Translation, Jinying Kong, Yating Yang, Xiao Li and Lei Wang (pp. 63-74).
  • Piecewise Regression Using Cubic Spline-A Case Study, Sarita Gajbhiye Meshram and P. L. Powar (pp. 75-84).
  • Compromise Ratio Method of MADM Problem Based on a New Interval-valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy Entropy, Haiping Ren and Wanzhen Liu (pp. 85-98).
  • Modified Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization for Numerical and Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy System Modeling, Guohan Lin and Kuiyin Zhao (pp. 99-110).
  • Effective Mathematical Simulation for One-Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem using Heuristics Approach, P. L. Powar, Ravi Vishwakarma and Chandrashekhar Meshram (pp. 111-124).
  • Robust Visual Tracking via Collaborative Voting with Structured Sparse Representation, Yang Liu, Yibo Li, Xiaofei Ji and Yangyang Wang (pp. 125-138).
  • Improved Differential Evolution Algorithm based on Deep Predatory Search and Secondary Gradient Acceleration, Feng Guiliang, CaoNing and Li Zhonghua (pp. 139-148).
  • Map-Reduce-Join-Locate: a Data Processing Framework for Decreasing the Processing Cost on Large Data, Shu-Hai Wang, Gui-Lan Liu, Li-Hua Han and Zhao-Hui Qi (pp. 149-160).
  • A Method of Weld Recognition Based On Threshold Optimization and Detection Operator, Anhua Wang, Yunbo Shi and Shu Wang (pp. 161-170).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • A Circular Split Ringe Resonator (CSRR) Left Handed Metamaterial (LHM) having Simultaneous Negative Permeability and Permittivity, Moataza A. Hindy, Ragab M. ElSagheer and M. S. Yasseen (pp. 171-178).
  • A Movie Customer Satisfaction Index Model Based On Structural Equation Model, Mimi Zhang, Yan Wang, Jianping and Chai, Bo Li (pp. 179-188).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Research on Opening and Closing Synchronization of Flexible Hatch on Space Shuttle, Yue Wang, Hong Liu and Bo Peng (pp. 189-198).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Comparative Study of ZnO/Fe2O3 Nanocomposite Sensitized with Natural Pigments for Dye Sensitized Solar Cell, Kebede Gamo Sebehanie (pp. 199-214).
  • A Requirement-driven Approach for Information Integration in Regional Healthcare Environment, Xiuxiu Chen, Huiying Gao, Kecheng Liu and Hongqiao Yang (pp. 215-228).
  • Effectiveness Evaluation of the EWCCS based on the Hybrid Multiple Attribute Decision Making TOPSIS Algorithm, Zong-feng Qi and Guo-sheng Wang (pp. 229-238).
  • Carreau Model for Liquid Thin Film Flow of Dissipative Magnetic-Nanofluids over a Stretching Sheet,C. Sulochana and G. P. Ashwinkumar (pp. 239-254).
  • Efficient Mining Maximal Trend Biclusters in Resource Effectiveness Matrix, Miao Wang, Lihua Zhang and Zhiyong Xiong (pp. 255-268).
  • Hesitant Fuzzy Multi-attribute Decision Making Method based on a New Entropy Measure, Zhengkun Yin (pp. 269-276).
  • Anticancer Study of Wonogiri’s Curcuma Xanthorhiza roxb Ethanol Fraction as Jamu by Flexible Docking Methods, T. Setiawan, L. Ambarsari and T. Ibnu Sumaryada (pp. 277-288).
  • Information Visualization Analysis of Academic Development of CSSCI Papers on Intercultural Communication from 2006-2015,Chuanming Yang, Zhiqiang Zhang and Lixin Liao (pp. 289-300).
  • Wireless Sensor Network Communication Using Electromagnetic Waves at Radio Frequency 433 MHz, Xiaoqing.Yu and Zenglin Zhang (pp. 301-312).
  • Remote Parking for Autonomous Vehicles, Yair Wiseman (pp. 313-324).
  • Applying a Hybrid Approach Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process and Artificial Neural Network to Upholstered Furniture Design, Ming Chen, Jianhua Lyu and Jiabi Chen (pp. 325-338).
  • FPGA Architecture for Real-time Depth Estimation System, Ran Liu, Donghua Cao, Zekun Deng, Zhenwei Huang, Miao Xu, Ruishuang Jia, Dehao Li and Mingming Liu (pp. 339-360.)
  • Design PD Functional Based FPGA Controller for FOD Systems, Mohammad Hadi Mazloom, Farzin Piltan, Amirzubir Sahamijoo, Hootan Ghiasi, Mohammad Reza Avazpour1 and Nasri B. Sulaiman (pp. 361-376).
  • Target Motion Sequence Detection Using Hidden Markov Models, Zhengxiang Ma, Xu Zhang, Hongchuan Wei, Shuping Dang and Rakinder Kalsi (pp. 377-403).
  • Ant Colony Foraging Behavior Modeling, Simulation and Application Based on the Evolution of Rules, Bai Jiyun, MengJun and Ma Li (pp. 403-414).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Nonlinear Analysis of Phase Sensitive Demodulation Circuit in MEMS Gyroscopes, Zhu Decheng, Song Hui, Wang Longqi, Wang Guanshi and Li Chen (pp. 415-424).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Synthesis and Structural Studies of LiMn2-x-yZnxMgyO4 (x = y = 0.0, 0.02, 0.04) Spinel As Cathode Materials For Lithium-Ion Batteries, N. Murali, S. J. Margarette, K. Ephraim Babu, P. Himakar and V. Veeraiah (pp. 425-432).
  • Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Cooperative Combat Task Allocation Method Based on Receding Horizon Control, Xia Chen, Fuyu Zhao and Liang Zhao (pp. 433-446).
  • Identifying Deceptive Opinion Spam using Aspect-based Emotions and Human Behavior Modeling, Mayank Saini and Aditi Sharan (pp. 447-456).
  • Bibliography