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ISSN: 2005-4270

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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Research on the Application of Echo State Network in Data Prediction, Cao Peng (pp. 1-8).
  • Alphabet-dependent Parallel Algorithm for Suffix Tree Construction for Pattern Searching, Freeson Kaniwa, Venu Madhav Kuthadi, Otlhapile Dinakenyane, and Heiko Schroeder (pp. 9-20).
  • Study of the Grid Resource Neural Network Reservation Technology Based on SLA, Xiaolan Xie and Aixue Wang, (21-30).
  • Parallel Gauss-Jordan Elimination on Two-Dimensional Constant Bandwidth Storage, Yu Liu and Renhao Xiong (pp. 31-42).
  • Universal Reversible Gate in Quantum-Dot Cellular Automata (QCA): A Multilayer Design Paradigm, Md. Abdullah-Al-Shafi, Riasaad Haque Aneek and Ali Newaz Bahar (pp. 43-50).
  • Internet-based Education System of Mobile Cloud Environment, Junying Liu (pp. 51-62).
  • A Novel Approach to Building Knowledge Base for Chronic Disease Management using Ontology, Wang Hui, Qinyan Zhang, Yang Huang, Meng Xi (pp. 63-74).
  • Research on Spatial Knowledge System of Heterogeneous Spatial Information based on Cloud Computing Technology, Xiaolan Xie, Xiujuan Guo and Chao He (pp. 75-86).
  • Multi-agent based IWD Power State Estimation of Unbalanced Grid Constraints Integrated, Li Shuqiang (pp. 87-98).
  • NextContact: Neighbor Discovery Mechanism for Opportunistic Networks, Prashant Kumar, Naveen Chauhan, and Narottam Chand (pp. 99-110).
  • Big Data Compressed Storage Algorithm in Rock Burst Experiment, Yu Zhang, Yan-ping Bai, Zhao-yong Lv, Yongzhen Li, Zong-lei Mu (pp. 111-122).
  • Research on a Personalized Recommendation Algorithm, Min Yang, Yong Ma and Junlan Nie (pp. 123-136).
  • Study on Fault Line Selection for Single Phase Grounding in Distribution Network Based on Harmonic Wavelet Packet Energy Entropy, Huanxin Guan, Xiuxing Chen, Hongtao Yu, Gang Wang and Xiaodan Zhao (pp. 137-148).
  • Research on an Improved Grid Task Scheduling Model Algorithm, Liu Feng (pp. 149-164).
  • An Overview on the Architecture of Information System in Smart Power Grids, Yiming Xue (pp. 165-174).
  • Research on Model of Combine Trans-regional Operation Scheduling, Li Ma, Meiqiong Ma, Yanan Fan, Yanjiao Zhang and Hongjie Zhao (pp. 175-188).
  • An Integrated Resource Co-allocation Middleware for Virtualized Cloud Platforms, Zhichao Liu (pp. 189-202).
  • Enhancing the Lifetime of Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Through Image Fusion, Pushpender Kumar, Rajeev Kumar, Naveen Chauhan and Narottam Chand (pp. 203-218).
  • A routing Algorithm of Data Center Network Routing Energy-Saving Mechanism based on QoS, Shi Dong, Xingang Zhang and Ya Li (pp. 219-232).
  • Selection ELM Parameters Based on Evolution of Modified Differential, Yibo Li, Yanghui Ren and Haixia Zhang (pp. 233-244).
  • Using Predictive Analytics for Predicting Host Availability in Desktop Grids, Muhammad Khalid Khan, Tariq Mahmood (pp. 245-254).
  • Research on Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Algorithm based on User Interest for Cloud Computing, He Kun (pp. 255-268).
  • An Efficient and Secure Data Aggregation Scheme in Smart Grid, Yiwen Le and Jinghan He (pp. 269-282).
  • Bibliography