IJEIC Volume 8, Issue 1





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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • An IoT Application Connecting Edge Resources and Cloud Resources using Agents, Yuki Kaeri, Yusuke Manabe, Kenji Sugawara and Claude Moulin (pp. 1-14).
  • Development of a Node Cooperation Method for Location Change of Sensor Data Processing, Shintaro Imai, Haruka Shimizu, Bingxi Zhao, Yoshikazu Arai and Toshimitsu Inomata (pp. 15-28).
  • Validation Framework for Simulation of Future Emergencies, Tomoichi Takahashi (pp. 29-38).
  • Design and Implementation of Agent Environment for Developing Nash-Q Learning Agents, Takahiro Uchiya, Masato Hibino, Ichi Takumi and Tetsuo Kinoshita (pp. 39-50).
  • An Agent-based Data Analytics Support Tool for Network Management Intelligence, Kazuto Sasai, Yusuke Tanimura, Hideyuki Takahashi, Gen Kitagata and Tetsuo Kinoshita (pp. 51-64).
  • Bibliography