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ISSN: 2005-4297

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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Design and Implementation of Sensor Middleware Based on IETF CoAP Protocol for Multi-Sensor Networks, Songai Xuan and Do-Hyeun Kim (pp. 1-10).
  • Performance Evaluation of Machine Learning Classifiers on Internet of Things Security Dataset, Ravi Singh and Virender Ranga (pp. 11-24).
  • Recognition of Multiple Concatenated Arm Gestures using Six-axis Inertial Sensor Signals, Byeong Jeong Kim, Jae-il Jung and Seop Hyeong Park (pp. 25-36).
  • Entity Authentication and Secure Registration for Lightweight Devices in Internet of Things, Namhi Kang and Jeongin Kim (pp. 37-48).
  • A Novel Design of Efficient Tracking System and String Level Monitoring System for PV Power Plant, Wonchul Choi, Hyukjae Woo and Choongchae Woo (pp. 49-58).
  • Eye Detection based on Viola & Jones Detector, Skin Color, and Eye Template, Samir El Kaddouhi, Abderrahim Saaidi and Mustapha Abarkan (pp. 59-72).
  • MBD-based Modeling and Dynamic Characteristic Analysis of Electric Vehicle Key Components and Hybrid Control Unit, Jaewoo Yoon, Ming Lin and Byeongwoo Kim (pp. 73-84).
  • Analyzing the Impact of Diverse PAPR Reduction Techniques on BER Performance of OFDM System, Shiwani Sandal and Lavish Kansal (pp. 85 -94).
  • A Study on the Quadcopter Position Control using Low-Cost MEMS Imperference Sensor, Min-Seok Jie, Seung-Hun Kim and Won-Hyuck Choi (pp. 95-104).
  • Mobility Overhead in IEEE 802.15.4e Low Latency Deterministic Networks, A. Darbandi and M. K. Kim (pp. 105-116).
  • Level Values of Robot Visual Interface Factors based on Users’ Experience on Screen, Light, Face, Seung Eun Chung and Han Young Ryoo (pp. 117-128).
  • A Study on the Analysis Method of Passenger Flow in Airport Using Laser Sensor, Seok-Hee Lee, Hyung-Taek Lee, Nhu-Quynh Phan and Gwang-Yong Gim (pp. 129-142).
  • SOM Aided Visualization and Retrieval of Flower Database Using Tree-Structured Representation, M. K. M. Rahman (pp. 143-162).
  • A Study of IoT Home Network Management System Using SNMP, Jungyoung Han and Seunghyun Oh (pp. 163-172).
  • A Method of Trend Analysis using Latent Dirichlet Allocation, Myeong-Ha Hwang, Suwook Ha, Minkyo In and Kangchan Lee (pp. 173-182).
  • Control and Hardware Implementation of Wireless Surveillance Robot Using Solar Power, Jayalakshmi N. S., R. Shivarudraswamy, Sunil Poddar and Kalyani S. (pp. 183-192).
  • Color Maketh Robot: Classification of Expected Roles for Robots According to Colors, Dahyun Kang and Yunkyung Kim (pp. 193-200).
  • Power Flow Control of Iraqi International Super Grid with Two-Terminal HVDC Techniques Using PSS/E, Yasar N. Lafta, Nadheer A. Shalash, Yaser N. Abd and Ali A. Al- Lami (pp. 201-212).
  • Copyright