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ISSN: 2005-4297

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  • Cover Page
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  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Access Rights Management based on User Profile Ontology for IoT Resources Authorization in Smart Home, Israr Ullah, Faiza Tila and DoHyeun Kim (pp. 1-12).
  • Studies on the TMS Using IR Sensors for Avoiding Congestion in Traffic on Indian City Roads, N.Thirupathi Rao, Debnath Bhattacharyya and Tai-Hoon Kim (pp. 13-22).
  • An Urgent Communication Way of Utilizing IOT Sensor for the Disabled, Donghyeok Suh, Chang-Won Seo and Kwang-Chul Park (pp. 23-34).
  • Approximate Maximum Clique Algorithm (AMCA): A Clever Technique for Solving the Maximum Clique Problem through Near Optimal Algorithm for Minimum Vertex Cover Problem, Muhammad Fayaz, Shakeel Arshad, Abdul Salam Shah and Asadullah Shah (pp. 35-44).
  • A Trivial Result of Applied Statistical Mechanics in Traffic Flow, Youssef Khmou (pp. 45-54).
  • Development of Take-out Robot Integrated Control System for Automation of Injection Molding Process by Using Mold Inspection Module, Myung-Jin Chung (pp. 55-66).
  • Hand-Tracking Framework using Three-dimensional Tracking Ellipsoid, Seok-Han Lee (pp. 67-78).
  • Driver Monitoring System Based on Gaze Classification by Using Eye Center Location Recognition, Juyong Lee, Seungdo Jeong and Jihoon Lee (pp. 79 -90).
  • A Typical Topology of Boost Converter for Improving Efficiency of Hydraulic Energy Conversion chain, Chirine Benzazah, Loubna Lazrak and Mustapha Ait Lafkih (pp. 91-104).
  • Design of Aquatic Quadcopter with Hold Position Control and Gimbal Controller for capturing Underwater Video, Ronny Mardiyanto and Komang Trisma Trisuta (pp. 105-116).
  • An Object Distance Measuring Method of Monocular Vision Mobile Robot, Zhengguang Zheng, Xiaohong Ren and Yajun Cheng (pp. 117-128).
  • Modeling Multigroup Malicious Code Infections in Sensor Networks, ChukwuNonso H. Nwokoye and Moses O. Onyesolu (pp. 129-142).
  • Measuring the Impact of Knowledge Management on IT Project Management at IT Companies in Jakarta, Randy Setiawan and Ford Lumban Gaol (pp. 143-152).
  • Intermittent Demand Forecasting with a Recurrent Neural Network Model Using IoT Data, Kangbae Lee, Dong Yeon Kang, Hyung Rim Choi, Byung Kwon Park, Min Je Cho and Doo-hwan Kim (pp. 153-168).
  • A Study on Smart Helmet to Efficiently Cope with the Operation and Safety of Workers in Industrial Settings, Junghwan Byeon, Mun-Seok Jang, Sang-Won Choi, Hyun Dong Yoo and Eung-Hyuk Lee (pp. 169-178).
  • Analysis between Aircraft Cockpit Automation and Human Error Related Accident Cases, Young-Pil Kwak, Youn-Chul Choi and Jinyoung Choi (pp. 179-192).
  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Agent for Playing 2D Shooting Games, Dongcheul Lee and Janise McNair (pp. 193-200).
  • The Effects of Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) System on Police Response Time to In-Progress Armed Robbery, Hee-Sub Shim (pp. 201-210).
  • Copyright