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ISSN: 2005-4297

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  • Cover Page
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  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Design Variable Cross Section Roll-forming Part Using Bezier Curve, X. Huang, D. Zhao and J. Wang (pp. 1-6).
  • GPS-based Interferometric Heading Determination Using Carrier Phase Measurement, Jhabindra Khanal, Felipe P. Vista IV and Kil To Chong (pp. 7-18).
  • Study of the Most Appropriate Routing Protocol based on between the Source Node and the Sink Node, Cheng Huang and Wei-wei Shao (pp. 19-26).
  • Tool for Online Observing of Traffic Congestions, Yair Wiseman (pp. 27-34).
  • Secure Vehicle Pseudonym Certificate for Smart Car in Internet of Vehicles, Taekjung Kim, Byungwook Jin, Si-Ho Cha and Moon-Seog Jun (pp. 35-48).
  • Application of Comprehensive AGC System for Aluminum Twin-Stand Cold Rolling Mill, Fei Zhang, Xiang Wang, Shengyue Zong, Zhi Ling and Hongping Pei (pp. 49-60).
  • Mobile Robot Localization Using Optical Mouse Sensor and Encoder Based on Kalman Filter Algorithm, X. Sang-Hyung Park and Soo-Yeong Yi (pp. 61-70).
  • Energy Harvesting in Wireless Sensor Networks: Techniques and Issues, Kishor Singh and Sangman Moh (pp. 71-84).
  • Central Control System of Broadcast Network Based on AoIP Technology, Jian He and Zhao Zhang (pp. 85-94).
  • A Simulated Study on Performance Evaluation of a Communication Network Model with DSR Protocol using ViSim, U. Nanaji, Nakka Thirupathi Rao, Ch. Raj Kumar, Debnath Bhattacharyya and Hye-jin Kim (pp. 95-106).
  • A Novel Routing Protocol based on Context Information on Successful Message Delivery and Buffer Overflow in Opportunistic Delay Tolerant Networks , Sun Woong Kim, Dong Young Seo and Yun Won Chung (pp. 107-118).
  • A New Voltage Reduction Scheme for HV Distribution Grid in The Spring Festival, Lianqing Zheng, Xiaoxu Wang, Lijun Xu, Jiangtao Xu and Wenbin Hao (pp. 119-126).
  • Parameter Tuning for Double Close-loop Control System of Three-level VSR, Shen Fenglong, Wang Jianhui and Man Yongjkui (pp. 127-136).
  • A Study on TID and SEL tests on PWM-IC Controller of DC/DC Power Buck Converter, Young Hwan Lho and Surender Reddy Salkuti (pp. 137-148).
  • Fingerprint Sensor Circuit and Sensor Cell Isolation Scheme for Pseudo-Direct Signaling, Hyeopgoo Yeo(pp. 149-160).
  • A Method for Layered Identification of Defects in Trees Using Ground Penetrating Radar, Xiayang Xiao, Jian Wen, Lin Gao, Zhongliang Xiao and Can Li (pp. 161-170).
  • A Novel Resistance Measurement Method Based on Double Frequency Excitation Signals Eliminating the Infection of Distributed Capacitance, Chong-quan Zhong and Liang Zhao (pp. 171-186).
  • Smart Unmanned Logistics Management System Utilizing Multi-Threaded Implementation, Wonchul Choi, Seungdo Jeong and Choongchae Woo (pp. 187-194).
  • Measuring the Quality of HTTP Video , Shi Zhiming Huang Chengti (pp. 195-206).
  • Comparative Study of PLC and Arduino in Automated Irrigation System, Mechelle Grace Zaragoza and Haeng-Kon Kim (pp. 207-218).
  • X-ray Pulsar Based Navigation using Online Optimization, Jin Jing, Xiaoyu Li and Yi Shen (pp. 219-230).
  • Copyright