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ISSN: 2005-4297

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  • Cover Page
  • Inside Cover Page
  • Editorial Board
  • Foreword and Editorial
  • Table of Contents
  • Speed Identification Method of Induction Motor Based on Improved MRAS, Shi Xiaorong (pp. 1-12).
  • The Efficient On-Chip Bus Architecture for High-Performance SoC Design, Fred Adu Kumi, Seungyong Park and Kwangki Ryoo (pp. 13-22).
  • Coordination Control of FSCWT for Enhancing LVRT Capability Using Hierarchical Multi-object Predictive Strategy, Hongwei Li and Haiying Dong (pp. 23-36).
  • A Novel Fuzzy Robust H∞ Tracking Control Approach of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems via Output Feedback, Zhenbin Du (pp. 37-48).
  • Modeling and Stability Analysis of Linear Actuated Finger, Ellyana Shaira Abd Aziz, Muhammad Nizam Kamarudin, Mohd Hafiz Jali and Rozaimi Ghazali (pp. 49-62).
  • A Kernel Sparse Representation Based Visual Tracking, Xiping Duan, Jiafeng Liu and Xianglong Tang (pp. 63-70).
  • Research on Complex Energy Production System for the Marine Environment Supervising Buoy, SuYeong Yang, NamHyun Yoo and WonJung Kim (pp. 71-84).
  • Decoupling Control Strategy of BLIM Based on Neural Network Inverse System, Wenshao Bu, Ziyuan Li, Juanya Xiao and Xiaoqiang Li (pp. 85-98).
  • Research on Self-adaptive Methods of Sensor Data Interface, Chunshan Shen, Jun Jiao, Huimin Ma and Shuqing Wang (pp. 99-112).
  • Web-based Remote Control System for IPTV Service, Kangwon Lee, Yejin Shin, Jihyun Jo, Jinseo Jeong, Seongho Choo, Yeonji Lee, and Soonuk Seol (pp. 113-122).
  • Crane Scheduling in Steelmaking Plants via Priority Propagation and a Memetic Algorithm, Yongnian Mao, Qiuhua Tang, Liping Zhang and Qimin Zhang (pp. 123-134).
  • Progressive Image Transmission Scheme in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks, Enyan Sun, Xuanjing Shen, Haipeng Chen and Chuanyun Wang (pp. 135-144).
  • Setting Overcurrent Relay Protection with Using Statistical Algorithm, Nguyen Huu Khanh Nhan, Tran Hoang Quang Minh and Nguyen Doan Quoc Anh (pp. 145-154).
  • Distributed Control of UAV Formation Reconfiguration in Terms of Dynamic Reference Point, Guangyan Xu, Dan Zhao, Jianchao Wang and Hongmei Zhang (pp. 155-166).
  • Effective Relay-Node Selection for Clustering Ad Hoc Network, Kang-Whan Lee, Yun Chen and Jang-Sup Shim (pp. 167-176).
  • Short-term Wind Power prediction Based on EEMD-Permutation Entropy and Elman, Xin-You Wang and Chen-Hua Wang (pp. 177-186).
  • The Efficient Hardware Design of a New Lightweight Block Cipher, Gookyi Dennis A. N., Seungyong Park and Kwangki Ryoo (pp. 187-198).
  • Comparison of Clock Solution of GLONASS Time Transfer using ESOC Clock products, Donghui Yu (pp. 199-208).
  • Research on Accelerated Degradation Test of RV Reducer, Jianghua Ge, Bo Lu, Yaping Wang and Xudong Jiang (pp. 209-216).
  • Two Dimensional QCA XOR Logic Using NNI Gate, Young-Won You and Jun-Cheol Jeon (pp. 217-226).
  • Design a Fuzzy PID Controller Used for a LOS Guidance Law for Path Following of an Aircraft, Min-Seok Jie and Won-Hyuck Choi (pp. 227-238).
  • Analyzing of the Delay Model Using the Mobile Facility Vehicle Data at the Signalized Intersection, Zhang Huiling, Yin Baoji and Zhao Li (pp. 239-250).
  • Seven Dimensional New Hyperchatic Systems: Dynamics and Synchronization by a High Gain Observer Design, S.N. Lagmiri, M. Amghar and N. Sbiti (pp. 251-266).
  • 24GHz CMOS Power Amplifier for Automotive Radar, Myeong-U Sung, Geun-Ho Choi, Habib Rastegar, Shin-Gon Kim, Murod Kurbanov, Pushpa Chandrasekar, Jae-Hwan Lim, Seong-Jin Heo, Jee-Youl Ryu, Seok-Ho Noh and Min Yoon (pp. 267-276).
  • RBF Neural Network Adaptive Control Strategy based on Sub-Block Approximation Algorithm, Yongfeng Cui and Chong Tian (pp. 277-288).
  • Intersection-Connectivity-Based Roadside-Unit Allocation, Soyoung Park and Jeonghee Chi (pp. 289-300).
  • Automatic Ultrasonic Testing System Designed For Small-Diameter Steel Pipes With Thick Wall, Qi Zhang, Li Hou and Rui Tang (pp. 301-314).
  • A Real-time Fall Detection System Based on the Acceleration Sensor of Smartphone, Youngmin Lee, Hongjin Yeh, Ki-Hyung Kim and Okkyung Choi (pp. 315-326).
    The paper was removed because it was withdrawn by the Authors.
  • Research on Simulation Technology of Aircraft Security Operation Turnaround Time, Jianguo Cui, Pengjia Zhou, Mingyue Yu, Xiaoyu Xu and Ruikai Wang (pp. 327-336).
  • Development and Experiment on Digital Pre-Distortion for Analog Beamforming Systems, Haeng-Bok Kil, Kwang-Pyo Lee, Sung-Mi Jo and Eui-Rim Jeong (pp. 337-346).
  • The CNC Machining Process Design and Programming of the Drive Shaft, Zhu Xiurong, Zhang Xin, Liu Yang and Sun Zhijie (pp. 347-354).
  • The Design of Nozzle-Dam Work Robot in Steam Generator, Sang-Gug Park, Young-Kyu Kwon and Il-Gyoum Kim (pp. 355-366).
  • Study on the Distribution Characteristics and Detection of Red Tide by Remote Sensing, Seung-Yeol Oh, Heung-Min Kim, Do-Hyun Hwang, Su-Ho Bak, Dae-Hyun Kim and Hong-Joo Yoon (pp. 367-378).
  • A Torque Control Method of Reaction Wheel Driven by Coreless PMSM, Congrui Qi, Zhiqiang Wang, Sen Su (pp. 379-386).
  • Asymmetric Neighbor Discovery Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks using Block Design, Woosik Lee, Teuk-Seob Song and Jong-Hoon Youn (pp. 387-396).
  • Effect of Nitridation Properties for High Quality GaN Deposition on Amorhpous Quartz Glass at Low Temperature via ECR-PEMOCVD, Dong Zhang, Zhenhe Ju, Yucai Li, Shiwei Song, Jian Wang, Gang Wang, Zhenya Guo (pp. 397-410).
  • Zinc Oxide Sub-Wavelength Structures as Antireflective Layer for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells, Zhaoyuan Song, Weijian Feng, Yuee Chen, Guibin Yao, Leilei Zhan, Lei Zhang and Wen Long (pp. 411-420).
  • Analysis of Mutual Language Intelligibility of the Programming Tool Used in Robot Programming Learning, Se-min Kim, Chang-su Ryu and Choong Ho Lee (pp. 421-430).
  • Copyright