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Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technologies 2007
FBIT 2007
October 11th ~ 13th, 2007
Ramada Plaza Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea

  There are two submission choices and only one must be made per paper. Do not submit the same or similar paper to more than one submission mode. For more information see the Proceedings page. There are no preset limits of numbers of papers between categories RC4I and MWP and both are valued equally, simply choose the most appropriate one for you!

Submission Mode
Category RC4I
(Research Communications, Important Insights and Incipient Ideas)

status: closed / in review


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Category MWP
(Matured Work Papers)

status: closed / in review


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Guidance for Submission
method: evaluation of an abstract submission
description: innovative research that relies on small experiment or solid arguments.
examples: this paper is a communication about a proposal that is backed by a research result or by a powerful argument; this paper is a communication of an exciting idea or a useful insight that could advance knowledge in the field; this paper is a mathematical paper with an interesting proof; this paper summarizes a final year research thesis about the promise of a novel idea or of a new research result.
method: evaluation of an extended abstract submission
description: research paper on important work that is solidly elaborated, or about a significant idea which is given authoritatively.
examples: this paper contains a new and interesting research result backed by clear or abundant validation of a numerical, logical, or experimental nature; this paper is a new and insightful synthesis of existing results; this paper is a survey on a field by an experienced researcher; this paper confirms previously published results by a previous researcher using different data if these results are important enough to require confirmation.